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Does anyone know?

How long can sandwich meat sit in the fridge before I shouldn't make sandwiches with it anymore?

If milk smells bad but tastes fine, is it okay?

Can Jello go bad?

Yes, I'm cleaning out my fridge.

Oh, and is salami really meat or is it something else?

And should I really be paying attention to the best-before-dates on salad dressing or are they just there to make me buy more?

Does anyone really know the answers to all this kinda stuff?

You know what? I think maybe this is why Google was invented.

I'd go and surf out the answers but I'm tired. I think I'll just go and find a big green garbage bag instead.

Oh, and who put Jello in my fridge anyway?

I hate Jello.


13 thoughts on “Does anyone know?

  1. I have never experienced milk smelling bad and tasting fine, although if it smells bad I don’t think I would try it to see how it tastes. I don’t think Jello ever goes bad. Isn’t it just sugar? Have fun cleaning the fridge!


  2. The Jell-O Fairy put the Jell-O in your fridge. She visits houses every night and sticks strange gelatin molds in people’s fridges.
    She comes around here sometimes, I know that.
    And Jell-O never ever goes bad – like diamonds, it is forever. Also shiny.
    I wish that the Diamond Fairy would sub for the Jell-O one some time! 😉


  3. I have tasted milk that smells bad (before the only because I hate to throw away my hard earned money. Sometimes I buy a pint and it still goes bad before the exp. date. If it tastes fine does not have any curds I do not see anything wrong with it.


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