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I've got a child home today who is not feeling well enough to go to school. I hesitate to say he is really sick but he's not one hundred percent either so the school doesn't want him there.

So, he's here with me.

And this means I get to spend the day at home.

Which is okay, because I kinda like the kid and when I spend time at home I get things done.

Like uh, cleaning out the fridge, or sorting the laundry because those things need doing.

Or, writing something to help pay the bills. Those need to be looked at too.

But first?

First, I'm gonna go and bug my son. He's lying on the couch watching TV and bugging him sounds like more fun than cleaning.

*** Ten Minutes Pass ***

And now that I've done that, I have discovered that my son is running a fever and he is now telling me that his stomach hurts.

Wow, I made the right call when I decided to keep him home. I was right. Did you hear that? I was right. That doesn't happen very often.

And you know, when it comes to thinking that my kids are brewing something and about to get sick? I wish it wasn't happening today either.


I wonder how much Tylenol I have in the the house? I wonder if he'll keep it down?

Double sigh. 

7 thoughts on “Today

  1. My daughter has been so sick sick sick this week. First they thought it was strep. Then they thought it was mono. Now they say it is a staph infection in the lymph nodes!!
    Bad stuff. Why do we have to get sick?


  2. I hope he feels better soon. sometimes it’s hard to know whether they are truly sick or just looking to stay home. I always feel bad when I doubt them and then they truly are sick.


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