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She’s a maniac…

We've all heard of multi-tasking.

Well I learned a new term today – maniac-tasking.

I think I like it.

It also seems to describe so many of my days when I just run around like crazy trying to get too many kids to too many activities and at the same time try to take care of the hundred other details that need to be done to keep this family fed, alive, solvent and uh, just going.

So, what about you? Are you a multi-tasker or a maniac-tasker?

Um, and any idea how I can become a maniac-slacker? That's the one I really want to try.

4 thoughts on “She’s a maniac…

  1. I had to ‘curtail’ a few activities of my boys after I reached a certain age. I just don’t have the patience to drive “mom’s taxi”.
    I try to be a multi-tasker, but I’m not near on par with my younger, hip mama friends. They seem to be able to do it all.


  2. I suppose I could say that I am a multi-tasker. Being a single mom of one creative little girl, I simply don’t have a choice.
    Maniac-tasking… Hysterical!!!! I suppose I would fit into that category … how bout neurotic maniac tasker???
    A maniac-slacker??? I like the sound of that one ~ A LOT!!!!
    Hmmm, I definately think we should give that a try. 🙂
    Great post,


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