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Pudgy Faced Mama

I was in a washroom at a public restaurant today and as I was washing my hands I noticed in the mirror that I no longer had eyes.

Yep, someone has stolen my eyes.

I think they're still in my face somewhere but between my lack of sleep and the extra fifteen pounds I've put on, my eyes have shrunken and disappeared into my forehead.

I think I still have eyes, as I can see, but they now look tiny in comparison to the rest of my face.

I used to have bright round sparkly eyes. Now? Not so much.

So, I have decided to eat better, sleep more and get more exercise so I can like the look of my face again and can find my eyes.


I'm also going to stop by the drug store today and buy some mascara and eye liner.


This whole aging thing is a downer, ya know?

5 thoughts on “Pudgy Faced Mama

  1. If I don’t use eyeliner and mascara it’s like my eyes just disappear. I also had a little surgery on the bags under my eyes last year. Fortunately, my insurance paid for it because it was due to thyroid problems. Made me feel soooooo much better about myself.


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