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Oh, for gosh sake

Dear Stupid Pet,

If you don't like dirty laundry being thrown on top of you, don't sleep in the laundry hamper.

Yes, I actually put laundry in there and yes, I know the kids in the house don't.

But give me a break, I get enough dirty looks from my children, I don't need them from you too.

Tired Mama

Ollie 017



13 thoughts on “Oh, for gosh sake

  1. Your cat has it good, I don’t allow ours in the house! Oh, he tries every day and all he succeeds in doing is tripping me while I walk up the front steps and ticking me off! Stupid pet!


  2. I feel pretty bad for my poor little kitties. My 2 year old has decided he absolutely loves them and the cat loves him too, so he must chase and hold the cat all the time, including dragging her out to see us by holding her under her legs. But yet she purrs.


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