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Pick again

My youngest is now nine.

Over the past few months she's started to make some rumblings about the state of her room. It seems she's no longer happy to have pink and purple fairies dancing around in there with a big pink crown as a head board.

My youngest seems to no longer think that she is a princess. Go figure.

So, we've picked out a new bedding set.  This one:

Rebecca's bedding

It's cute, bold and tweenish. I think it'll work for a few years.

I also agreed to paint her room. 'What colour do you want it to be?' I asked carelessly.

When she asked for my opinion, I told her to pick a colour from the comforter cover. I suggested pink or purple or green or even yellow.

But what does she want?


Shiny black, please.

Uh, no.


16 thoughts on “Pick again

  1. About 5 years ago my daughter also said black, I said uh no, just like you. We agreed on navy blue. She’s now 21 and living on her own and I’m stuck with this navy blue. Both my girls are gone now and I’m reluctant to do anything to their rooms. Some day.


  2. oh wow, i remember when my mother was in the hospital recuperating from a hysterectomy way back when, my father agreed to paint my room. black. i loved it, i will never forget her hobbling up the stairs, holding her stomach and seeing my room for the first time. she died. right there on the stairs. right after she killed my father. lol.


  3. Ah yes, black. We went through that with Allie. We eventually settled on green walls and black trim (baseboards closet doors) It doesn’t look bad. What if you did a nice lavender wall with black trim OR add a big piece of Black Board framed on the wall – she can draw, write her schedule, you can leave her messages, her friends can write messages… just an idea


  4. “Been there…done that!” A year later she wants to repaint.
    As an alternative to black, my daughter and her father (bless his heart and great patience–unusual but, thank god, in abundance on that day), in an 10’x12′ room, painted 12″ wide black and white stripes (on one wall the white stripes were painted grape sherbet) with dark grey painted on the sloping ceilings. This replaced bright turquoise–again, a colour she had chosen and I had consented, to get her out of our bed. She claimed the tiny ducks and friendly hedgehogs of Suzie’s Zoo wallpaper frightened her. Okay, so I admit it, she had well outgrown that wallpaper by age 9. My daughter who is now in a minimalist period–attempting to decrease her environmental foot print, will be painting her room on her own next go round! She’s 15. The turquoise we had painted the year prior to black, white/grape sherbet and grey, chilled her to the bones, again, in less than a year. Funny how the skeletons on her runners and t-shirts don’t.
    Good luck Leanne! Maybe, your daughter should buck the going trend and paint white–maybe just do a really good prime paint– install the comforter and pillow shams and “live with it for a while”–guaranteed she will change her mind in a year, wait a year, and if she still wants black, she’ll be old enought to paint herself or choose another comforter.
    As I previously said “Been there, done that!”, but welcome the opportunity to vent and console. May the god of paint brushes and Barbara Colaruso be with you and the patience of the all mighty!


  5. Our second daughter wanted to paint her room black for a while, but finally changed her mind and it’s now two shades of light blue, but she has a black and white paisley comforter. It was a nice compromise for us.


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