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Can I borrow a shovel?

It's Monday morning.

On Monday mornings I spend a fair amount of time tidying up my house. I do it because it allows me to avoid working and because, after the weekend, my house REALLY needs to be dug out from under all the crap that got thrown at it while my kids and hubby were home full time.

This morning's task is going to be to try and find my kitchen table.

I have a new kitchen table arriving in November but I still need to use my current one for dinner tonight. Right now I can't even see it because it is piled full of papers, bags of apples, dishes and goodness knows what else that my beloved family heaped on it over the weekend.

My goal is to get it dug out by dinner time.

I have two large garbage bags and an empty dishwasher so I'm hopeful.

After that I need to clean out my fridge.

No wonder people hate Mondays.


8 thoughts on “Can I borrow a shovel?

  1. Good luck with that! In our tiny house, the dining room table is really the only flat surface so you can imagine how often it actually gets cleared off…sigh. I want to move!


  2. I hate hunting for the kitchen table. I get it all cleared off and wiped and everything and swear that I’ll never put anything down there again, but the junk creeps up on me like dandelions, and before I know it I’ve lost the table again.
    Good luck on your safari.


  3. Oh, too funny. I barely finished clearing and cleaning the kitchen table in time to set it for dinner. I’m purposely not thinking about the fridge today. I have to work up to that sort of thing.


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