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I did a couple of things yesterday that I haven't done in a while.

In the morning I went to the local kitchen store and I bought some knives. I know, I know, I'm a party animal.

But, since my kids started helping me in the kitchen oh about, twelve years ago I haven't had any really good quality sharp knives as I never wanted my babies to grab one and hurt themselves. 

But this past weekend, as I was making a total mess of pealing a peach, it occurred to me that my youngest is now nine. I can probably trust them not to slice themselves open on a sharp knife.


So, I went out yesterday and bought two Henckels branded knives and you know what? These suckers are sharp.

The second thing I did was I went to Bath and Body Works and bought a few of their scented candles. 

For years if I bought candles my kids would either immediately blow them out, thinking they were birthday cake candles, or they'd stick their finger in them to see what would happen. I've also been known to forget all about a burning candle and leave the house or go to bed with it still lit.

I also can't stand the smell of a dirty diaper layered over with uh, a lavender scent or a green tree smell or some such thing.

Today? Now I have a 'Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin' smell permeating my house thanks to the pretty new candle I bought yesterday.

I can do these things now. My kids are growing up.


Now, how long do you think it'll take before I cut my finger or burn down my kitchen?

I give myself about two days.

9 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Since I am the one who usually cuts myself, super sharp knives are always a bad idea (although, they are really fun to use aren’t they?).
    I don’t use candles either. They scare me a little.


  2. How exciting!! Seriously. The next step is that you’ll be like margie, hiding your good things under your own bed so the kids don’t use them or take them to their own homes!


  3. Now remember I like you as you read this -k-? This is not meant to offend, serious question here! You make me laugh, couldn’t live without your blog blah blah blah.
    Anyway, until your post, I never realized you were from Canada. This makes two blog buddies from Canada now. As a call center rep, I have to ask, what the h-e-double hockey sticks is up with zed? SERIOUSLY? Drives me bonkers. I can deal with the accent (although not as cute on men) but come on! every time someone says it, I have to catch myself from typing it. Since I had my rant, maybe I will try to find a “Canadian specific” deal next week.


  4. Head’s up: a certain tween thought that pool of lovely, scented, HOT candle wax would work out nicely for certain treatments involving wax offered at the local day spa. Sometimes “growing up” is only a relative term.


  5. Well, they say very sharp knives are safer because you can control them more and don’t slip. I myself bought a good set of knives by Wusthof. I love them…and I still have little ones, so they’re just up high. 🙂 Have fun with your new knives!!! By the way, you’re blog is great!


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