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When pigs fly!

When hell freezes over!

When gosh um, I don't know - but there's got to be more.

What? What?

What, you ask?

Tired Papa and I stayed home today and worked around the house and um, I got all the laundry done.

All. of. it.

Alert the press, Mt. Laundry was conquered for at least six hours today.

Will wonders never cease to amaze.

5 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Let me guess… as soon as you finished the laundry, someone decided to change her clothes (I say she since it is usually the girls who decide to change in the middle of the day).


  2. I must admit, part of my issues with laundry-I am OBSESSED with having an empty basket when I actually start it. So if the last load is in the dryer when my hubby gets home and changes, I feel compelled to do another load. and then I forget I started it. and then I don’t want to start it again.


  3. Oh how I wish I could accomplish such a feat! As soon as I get mine and the kids’ laundry done, Hubby comes home from a trip and there’s more to do once again. It never ceases!


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