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Pass the meds

Today my eldest came home from her first day of high school.

She came home happy.

And seeing her smile made me feel like a ton of bricks had just been lifted off my shoulders.

Only eight kids from my daughter's middle school are attending her high school so in her freshman class of four hundred she doesn't know a lot of other kids. 

I was uh, concerned – a little.

But it sounds like everything went okay.

The school she's attending is big and it sounds like she got lost, a lot.

She also told me that she talked to a few new kids and got into a fight with her new locker when it wouldn't open.

I gather her language teacher seems intimidating and the school's drama department is putting on a musical that she thought she might be interested in participating in. 

She also talked about trying out for the school field hockey team.

Overall, it was all good stuff.

Eight hours down and only a zillion to go until she graduates. 

After hearing about her day today, I think she'll be fine.

I, on the other hand, may need wine, or Valium or something even stronger to get through the next four years.

Do you think we'll ever stop worrying about our kids?


9 thoughts on “Pass the meds

  1. I asked my mom that one time: “When do I stop worrying so much about the kids?” She laughed. “You think I don’t worry about you?!?”
    Apparently the answer is never. It’s just the things we worry about that change.


  2. About the time we start worrying about our grandkids I guess, but then we will have to worry if our children can afford them, how they are dealing with all the things we deal with etc etc. so never I guess.
    but, in better news, I have come to love you, in a platonic~not stalking~enjoy reading kind of way. So, I will be grabbing your button. I know, this has like made your year right?


  3. Sounds like a great first day! My girls had the same, but no – you never stop worrying. Never! Like Anne said, the things you worry about change – so it doesn’t get boring, no sir!
    Sigh. Am starting to worry about day #3 now…


  4. You never stop worrying about them. That’s only one of the secrets they don’t tell you when you start on the parenting road. Luckily by your daughter’s age you don’t have to worry about them running with scissors.


  5. Glad she had a good day. I’m always anxious to hear how things went on the first day. And no, you never ever stop worrying about them. You just have different worries.


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