I just keep hitting the delete key.

Can someone please help me tell the places that keep filling my in-box that:

1) I have never, nor will I ever, be interested in playing in an on-line casino.

2) I don't need to buy cheap drugs from Canada. I live here. If I need them I get a prescription.

3) I don't want to lose weight using Acai berries. Unless of course one of you tells me that they really work with no evil side effects, then I might change my mind.

4) I don't need to verify any account information with any financial institution with any personal information anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Nor am I interested in helping you get your money out of your country. I may be slightly crazy but I'm not stupid.

5) Finally, I don't have a penis and I'm not interested in making anything on me larger.


18 thoughts on “I just keep hitting the delete key.

  1. Somehow I feel that spam is similar to mosquitoes: I can make a meaningful dent if I just keep slapping away (or pressing DELETE). Yet, every summer it’s the same thing: welts all up and down my legs and arms; and every day I get more offers of wealth, health, weight loss and designer watches.


  2. I don’t know if the Acai berries actual help with weight loss, bight the juice is mighty tasty (and a bit expensive) at Costco. And I’ve had no sideaffects from drinking it.
    Though and side affects are probably masked by the side affects of eating 150+ tomatoes over the past week.


  3. Refinance my house as simple as one two three. I don’t own a house.
    Looks like now you have more spam right here. Not much you can do about your inbox.Use a spam filter. It still doesn’t stop them all.


  4. I’m getting the spam on my cell phone now, please make it stop. I can handle the stuff in email but my phone was the last place where no one who didn’t know me couldn’t reach me.


  5. LMAO! I get the same thing EVERYDAY at work. I get all this viagra emails it is unbelievable! On the bright side, you know where is the delete key even with your eyes blindfolded! lol


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