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I’m trying hard

Okay, so if you happen to make a mistake and drive right past the window speaker at a drive-through restaurant, what are you supposed to do?

When I did this today at my local Tim Horton's, I got out of my van and walked back the few feet to the speaker and yelled my order into it. I then got back into my van and moved up in the line to the pick-up window.  

There were cars ahead and behind me in the line-up. It was bumper to bumper, I couldn't have backed up without hitting someone.

What else should I have done?

And why did everyone in the line around me find this so darn funny? Yes, people were laughing at me. I think someone was even taking pictures of me with their flippin' cell phone. Wait, that might have been my kid.

Am I on YouTube now?

So, what's the etiquette here anyway?

Someone? Anyone?


13 thoughts on “I’m trying hard

  1. That has never happened to me so I can’t help you. I can see people laughing. I would have been the person getting annoyed, asking what is wrong with that woman (not if I knew it was you, but if it was a stranger).


  2. Can’t say I have ever done that before!! Sorry to say I probably would have been laughing at you too πŸ™‚ And maybe even wondering what the hell was wrong with you. But that is just me!!


  3. Babygirl, I would say that you have some serious cahoneys to do what you did. I would have been far too embarassed to walk back to the speaker. I would have just driven right on by and went to one of the other gazillion Tim’s drive thrus on the street.


  4. TypePad HTML EmailI don’t think I annoyed anyone as I didn’t hold up the line or anything I just drove slightly past the darn thing. But yeah, the guy behind me was laughing. I guess that’s better than ticking him off, now that you mention it. πŸ™‚


  5. TypePad HTML EmailI blame my children. I was lecturing them when I was in line and missed the speaker. Sigh. I didn’t go too far past the dang thing, just a little…..but yeah, I probably, okay I DID look like a total idiot. Sigh.


  6. Sorry but I’m LMAO right now… this is hilarious… I’m not being mean… it just *is* funny… and I’m not laughing at you I’m laughing with you πŸ™‚
    I too probably would have been wondering “WTH is she doing?”…. in fact I’ve probably driven past it before myself and either backed up or gone back around and got in line again or just went someplace else.
    It happens! Don’t sweat it… thanks for the laugh… laughter is good πŸ™‚
    A Lil Enchanted,


  7. I don’t know what the etiquette is, but I started laughing so hard my potty training son peed his pants watching me. Plus, my hubby was telling me a not funny story at the time and couldn’t figure out why I was laughing. Ahhh, good story.


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