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It’s a big cut in the Back to School budget

I'm doing one of those smallish insane things today. You know the kinda thing, the one that if you heard some other Mom was doing it you'd shake your head and roll your eyes, then probably (hopefully?) forget about it.

Yep, I'm doing one of those.

I'm taking my fourteen year old daughter for a haircut today at one of those over the top expensive hair salon places.

Yep, I am – but let me defend myself.

You see, I went to this expensive salon five weeks ago out of desperation.

My reasonably priced nice hairdresser has left town and my bangs and hair were getting so ratty and long that I couldn't see. I looked pretty bad and worse yet? I was getting grey. So, I took a friend's recommendation and went to this nice swanky salon.

I almost had a heart attack when I went to pay, but my hair looked great so I decided that I was worth it.

Yes, as a matter of fact I can justify just about anything.

And yes, I did hide the receipt from Tired Papa.

Yesterday I had two people comment on my hair – FIVE weeks later. This just doesn't happen EVER, but my hair still looks good, it's easy to take care of and well, it's working for me.

At my age I'll pay a little extra for that.

My daughter? She got a teen cut at the mall a few weeks ago. Now, her hair is gorgeous. It's thick, wavy, naturally highlighted and just plain lovely to look at. Right now with this 'long bang teen thing' going on however it looks less than stellar. It looks heavy and lank and it's hiding her pretty face. It's just not working.

So, I'm paying to get it cut again, by the same stylist who did mine, for her first day of high school.


I know I may never get her to go back to reasonably priced cuts once I start paying for her to have expensive ones, but school starts in five days and I don't know what else to do.

So, I'm just gonna pull out the credit card and close my eyes to the price. 

Let the eye rolling begin. 

13 thoughts on “It’s a big cut in the Back to School budget

  1. i for one am not going to roll my eyes. i say you go girl.
    i pay premium for my haircut every seven weeks, but you know what? i love my hair all seven weeks — not just for two or three days and then i’m miserable. i think it’s worth it.


  2. Throw in an eyebrow waxing and you’ll get the same eye rolls that I get!! But you just can’t beat the quality of a better salon. You’re right – the cut, color and style just seems to last longer.


  3. Been there and done that. The trick is to try to get them a style that can grow out a bit and still look good. A good cut is worth it! I’m sure it will look gorgeous!


  4. I completely understand why you would do that. My kids’ hair is very easy to cut and they both had it cut for school at SuperCuts. I, on the other hand, have hair that is impossible to cut so I just never get my hair cut (I trim the bangs myself). I would probably take my older daughter to an expensive salon if I felt she needed it (I am just so glad she doesn’t).


  5. All girls need to know they are special and also hair is so important! I graduated from a pudding-bowl style to having my hair cut by a neighbour who had a cottage industry hair salon going on in her kitchen. Let’s just say I had hair issues for a long time. You are both worth it! XX


  6. I wish MY Mom had subscribed to the same theory. I had hair issues for years until I found a hairdresser (yes, kind of pricey) that I liked. If I had a teenage daughter, I’d probably save her all the trauma too.


  7. I do the same with my hair. I can’t really afford it anymore, but I go anyway. My stylist is so awesome, she’s going to do my daughter’s hair and highlights for babysitting.


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