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I don’t like this feeling

It's that time of the year.

Summer is winding down which means I need to attend the end of the year baseball and soccer finals as well as buy new shoes and supplies for school.

The family is coming over for a BBQ tomorrow because we haven't seen some of them all summer (guilt) and we've got a birthday party to go to tonight for a good friend.

It seems busy right now and school and all the fall activities haven't even yet begun yet.

I've started thinking about Christmas too. I even went to the local electronics store and pre-ordered one of the new video electronic thingys that's being released in October. My kids have already mentioned it and I'm not standing in line in December EVER again to find out I can't get one of these stupid must have teen things.

I've started making lists again. I haven't had to do that for a while – okay, I haven't done it for a few weeks.

I'm starting to feel it – that panicy busy feeling is starting to return.

Sigh. Where did the lazy summer days go?

13 thoughts on “I don’t like this feeling

  1. Despite every good intention of not considering Christmas during what is technically still Summer, I am starting to squirrel away a few items in advance, too. I still object to Christmas displays in retail shops before the leaves turn though.


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