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My meat sauce is doing what?


One of the quick and easy meals that my family eats regularly is pasta with meat sauce. I serve it to them with salad and rolls.

To make a quick meat sauce I brown ground beef and then stir in the sauce.

Easy and quick. My whole family loves pasta and I can have dinner on the table in about fifteen minutes. Some nights that's even too long for me to get dinner on the table before my kids turn into bears or before someone has to be at some activity.

The problem with this meal, I discovered tonight, is that I have always used a Teflon based frying pan to brown the meat.

A few people on the internet seem to think using this pan is killing me and my family.


Does anyone know anything about Polytetrafluoroethylenes?

I'm almost scared to ask the question.

I need to sleep nights and I'm not sure I can handle the guilt of knowing that I've been inadvertently poisoning my family for the last fifteen years or so.


Anyone know anything about this? Please share if you do.



8 thoughts on “My meat sauce is doing what?

  1. I just read about this yesterday in Today’s Parent. It’s always something, isn’t it? I feel like I can’t turn around in our house without hitting something that is KILLING US SLOWLY.
    Anyway, Today’s Parent recommended getting a cast iron pan instead — apparently after extended use it becomes quite “non stick.” You have to apply some oil and leave it for an hour in a 300 degree oven when you first get it…after that, just use with butter or oil each time. I’m thinking it over…


  2. I don’t know. Don’t drink tap water, don’t drink bottled water, don’t let your kids swim in the ocean, don’t eat meat, eat meat, don’t drink milk, drink milk. It is always something. I think the plain fact we are living means something is slowly killing us and we will die someday. I had to stop paying attention or my kids would have ended up in a bubble. And then the lack of activity would have slowly killed them.:)


  3. I agree with the Bubble part. And another interesting thing I noticed. They seem to feel this is bad for you but then next year another group comes by and tells you how good it is.An example is coffee.Don’t drink it.The caffeine is bad for you. Drink it. It reduces the risk of cancer.
    It will drive all of us crazy.


  4. Don’t know anything at all about the health repercussions of non-stick pans, but I figure our family would make excellent test subjects since I have always used nonstick pans. Uh-oh.


  5. My understanding is that Teflon is only a problem at higher temperatures than you’ll deal with on stove. Don’t use it in the oven and you should be fine.
    That said, I would recommend using cast iron for your meat sauce. Teflon just won’t brown the meat as well. You’ll get tastier results from iron. Stainless steel would work too, but it’s a lot more expensive.
    Rather than buying a new cast iron pan, see if you can find one at a thrift store, estate sale, or the home of a relative who doesn’t cook much. They last forever with a little care, and an old one may be nearly non-stick following decades of seasonong.


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