One word.


Good for her.

I've always assumed that when Moms talk about drinking on blogs that we're all kind of kidding around about it.

Naive little me, I guess.

I give this lady credit; I wouldn't have the guts to come clean on the web and in the NY Times like this.

I'm also blessed that I don't need to. Honestly? I don't drink excessively because when I do, I babble on like an idiot to anyone who will listen and then I hate myself the next day.

Usually I like who I am, and so I try to keep it that way as often as possible.

Yeah, words to live by, I know.


3 thoughts on “Gutsy

  1. Bossy considers herself the Dean Martin of blogging. She sure talks about it a lot, but is she really drunk? Or just pretending to be drunk? Really really drunk? Hmm.


  2. I don’t drink excessively because the recovery period is just ridiculous now. I can’t afford the down-time. But I do drink REGULARLY. It’s all about consistency, don’t you think?
    But, good for her for doing what was right for her own health and her family – and not for whatever ‘reputation’ she’d created.


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