Mums aren’t us – yet.

Yep, I'm back.

And yes, I had a wonderful two week northern cottage vacation – thank you for asking.

The down side of being away however is that some of my flower pots uh, died.

Yes, we finally had sun and heat while I was gone and it seems my plants had gotten use to all that cool rainy weather we had here for the ENTIRE month of July.

So, when I was picking up milk and bread tonight I had a quick peek at the garden centre to see what was available to replace my dead flowers.

What did I see?

Fall Mums.


It's way too early for Mums.

I guess we'll be plantless for a few weeks.


7 thoughts on “Mums aren’t us – yet.

  1. I’m sure the time away was worth a few dead plants. Mums? No way, I hope I didn’t say that too loudly! Whisper the word…of course, I posted about footbal season yesterday so I’m not helping the season to remain.


  2. It seems to me that we just had this conversation …. was it last year? Time is flying isn’t it! My plants almost died on the weekend and Barry was here to water them, which he says he did, I think it’s just too hot for them ….


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