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Lazy Hazy Days

We are at the cottage.

It is uh, drizzling.

My boys are out fishing in the rain.

My girls are doing crafts in the cottage, out of the rain.

I’m in the cottage out of the rain too. I just finished reading the first of the seven Henry James books that I brought to the cottage as I’m trying to get some of my summer reading done before my classes start in September. It took me about six weeks to read the first book though so the idea of getting through another six books in the next two weeks isn’t looking too promising, unless of course we get a lot more rain.

So far spending time at the cottage in the rain hasn’t been too hard, as a matter of fact it’s been almost relaxing, as I don’t really have much to do and the kids have been busy amusing themselves and their father.


I should go and read or something but I think I’ll take a nap instead.

I could get used to this.

11 thoughts on “Lazy Hazy Days

  1. It rained hard here this morning but now it looks great outside. Unfortunately the early gloominess and rain made me ALSO want to take a nap. Wish I could! haha


  2. Watching the specks of rain drop on the roof and slowly drip over to the ground is a very soothing scene for me. I just love the rain and it makes me feel so relaxed and refreshed. My kids really liked bathing in the middle of a heavy rain. A little scary specially if there’s thunder but nevertheless a fun way to bond.


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