It's the end of July and we're still waiting for summer to arrive up here in southern Ontario.

It's been cold and wet here for waaaay too long. 

The up-side is that my gardens and lawn are all looking very green and lush.

The down-side is that I am looking very white and pasty pale.

Mother Nature? Give a fellow Mama a break, okay? Please send me some sun.


12 thoughts on “Quack

  1. Even here in mid-Michigan, it has been too cool and too wet. While I love the green lawns, the pool sits idle as the water is too cold for anyone to want to use it. *sigh*


  2. Sing it, sister. I have had it with waiting for warm weather! I already waited — all through January, February, March, and April! Where is my heat? Where is the sun?
    The weather SUCKS.


  3. Ok ladies I just checked the forcast and it looks like Aug 1 is the day… no clouds, no lightening bolts, just one big glorious sunny day. Keep your fingers crossed!


  4. We have had intermittent rain and storms this week, but I am rather relieved to have a teensy break from our nuclear Texas summer heat. Hope you get some lovely sun there soon.


  5. The upside of this Southern Ontario weather is that I haven’t turned my air conditioning on once yet. But I was sorely tempted last night. We have a big festival in town this weekend so I am praying for lots of sunshine and no rain.


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