Home Messy Home

My house is a mess.

It's usually a mess but right now it's messier than normal because my kids are home on summer vacation and they are incapable of putting anything away or doing tidying of any kind.

I miss the days when I sent my kidlets off to school, cleaned up the house and then the house STAYED tidy until they came home.

During the school year I have six hours or so of a tidy okay, tidier house.

I miss that.

If it wasn't for the early start and the homework I might actually be wishing that school started again soon.

Really, really soon.


12 thoughts on “Home Messy Home

  1. I know how you feel. I am getting my kids in on the cleaning and trying to be pretty demanding about it. It’s the only thing that works. But sometimes I feel it takes more effort asking them to help clean then it does to just do it myself. =/


  2. The house is a mess from May until the end of August. I apologize to guests, but I have long since given up this particular battle. Same goes for Thanksgiving week, Christmas break, and Spring Break.


  3. haha I love Holly’s comment, that’s funny, completely understandable. My son is the same way, but I do wish for a longer vacation not shorter, I’ll pick up the mess in return for not having to wake up early 🙂


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