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Deny, deny, deny.

It's still July for another week, at least where I live.

But when I went to Costco last week they were selling winter coats and CHRISTMAS wreaths.

My kids go back to school on September 8th. Yep, it's late this year.

But I'm already getting back to school notices in my mailbox.

Okay, I am a planner. I've taken the twelve step de-planning program but it didn't help. I usually get stuff done long before I need to but, even for me, this is getting ridiculous.

So, I'm covering my ears and closing my eyes and pretending I don't see any of these.

It can't hurt, right? 

Oh, if anything big happens while I'm in 'ignore mode' send me an e-mail and let me know, mkay?

11 thoughts on “Deny, deny, deny.

  1. hahaha just be glad you aren’t me. My kids start school like August 19th. Oh and I am just finishing summer classes and start new ones around they same time they do. Not only that but I still am trying to figure out the whole babysitter thing. I try to cover my eyes and ears and scream lalalala but it’s not working. I have so much to do. haha


  2. I haven’t seen any Christmas stuff so far. Maybe they start earlier in Canada to get it done before the snow hits September 1 :). My kids don’t go back to school until September either. I think I may have to tie them up and lock them in a closet.


  3. Take a look at the picture I posted on my blog today. I took it last week.
    Is there something they’re not telling us? Is the world supposed to come to an end before December?


  4. Seriously? Christmas wreaths? I’m still recovering from Santa’s last visit. I don’t want to want to have start thinking about that particular holiday until…I dunno after Thanksgiving…Back to school, though, that I can get on board with. August 24…we’re already half way there.


  5. Hahahaha!!!
    My kids go back Sept. 8th as well (its a state mandated thing now here in Michigan to start the day after Labor Day). There is no school calendar yet (contract negotiations are ongoing) and I need to know what their last day for the year will be.
    Winter coats and Christmas stuff at Costco? With the way the weather has been it’s almost fitting.


  6. I am jealous your kids go back in September! MY kids go back August 17….can I send them to school in their underwear?! Since it’s still 150 degrees outside?! Can you teach your lessons in the pool!?
    Scary about Christmas, I haven’t recovered from LAST year.


  7. *sigh* The Christmas displays are already up here, too. There is something inherently wrong with Christmas offerings two aisles over from the school supplies in the midst of swimsuit season.


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