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Did you know that if your nine year old announces to a group of your girlfriends that she saw her Mom and Dad in the pool in an 'inappropriate position', no matter how hard you protest that NOTHING was going on and NOTHING you were doing was inappropriate, no one will believe you?


Yeah, I finally did stop protesting and just sat and smiled.

But really, why exactly do we teach kids to talk?

10 thoughts on “Innocent

  1. If they are your girlfriends, they should believe you and if they don’t, it shouldn’t matter to them :). I would have definitely wanted more information.


  2. OMG! That is hilarious! It is SO true…there is NOTHING you can say without looking completely guilty!
    My son once told my in-laws that I drink a bottle of wine EVERY SINGLE NIGHT at dinner! WTF?!
    Good stuff.


  3. I’m thinking the silent smile is the way to go with this one. I’m also a little jealous you got some alone time in the pool with your husband. I swear our daughter has pool ESP.


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