I'm filing tonight.

Yes, I do in fact know how to have a good time; I've just decided to file tonight instead.

You see the towers of paper in my office are threatening to fall over and possibly kill me so I thought I'd drag out the recycling bucket and some file folders and get it all sorted out instead of uh, dying.

I am having a problem though as I have lost the letters H, I and J from my filing system.

Aren't you impressed that I even have letters in little tabby things attached to file folders in file drawers in my office? You should be, this level of organization is usually well planned for by me, but rarely executed.

So, what was I saying? Oh yeah, the little white tags with the black letters on them  for H, I and J have gone missing from my office file drawers. The files that should be slotted neatly behind these letters are gone too.

This is perplexing. I have no idea where they are and it's confusing the whole system as I don't know what to do with the papers that should be filed under J, H and I.

I know I could just write out new tags but I want to know where the old ones have run away to. I mean how does this sort of thing happen?

You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking it's way too hard to get organized. I think I may just have to push all the piles of paper under my bed instead.

I figure if I push all the papers under my bed then the papers just might push the lost socks out the other side of the bed and then it'll be a win-win.

Except of course all the H, I and J files will still be missing.


4 thoughts on “Filing

  1. Good luck and let me know how it turns out, personally I would go with the under the under the bed option. 🙂 I am missing an “H” too, they must be hanging out together!!! (Go read my latest post to understand that one!)


  2. Deuce Deuce Posted on Yay! Welcome back! Missed ya! Now,back to Ur rulalergy scheduled blogging! I’m glad u caught urself before it got too out of hand! Is it October yet?!!!


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