I’m rambling again.

As we were talking to a landscaping 'guy' last night, Tired Papa told him that August 15th would mark our three year anniversary living in this house.

Wow. We seem to be actually settling here.

Before we moved here we lived in the USA for seven years and then the UK for two years. My eldest was almost three when we moved to the States and my son was three weeks old. Yep, it was nuts.

But I digress. What occurred to me was the fact that my kids have lived longer outside of this country, our country, more than we've lived here.

It still seems weird to me that my kids have known more of another country then they do of their/my own. Of course my youngest was born in the USA so really she's lived longer in her country than mine.

Does it matter?

Not really. I loved living in the USA, and the UK and I'm thrilled to be home too.

It just hit me as interesting and a little bit weird. And it once again made me realize how fast time races on.

Oh, and it also made me realize that one of the first things I was going to do when I moved home (yes, three years ago now, Tired Papa!) was buy a new kitchen table. But we went shopping this weekend and I still don't have one.

I'm going out shopping for one again today. I think I'm going to have to go to one of those nice wood working places and have a table built to my specifications.

Based on my history of being completely unable to make a decision, when it comes to buying furniture, this whole process should be interesting and probably totally unproductive.

It really shouldn't be this hard. Yes, I am pathetic. But I'm blaming the warm weather. I mean who wants to be decisive when it's finally sunny out?

Let's go with that. The alternative is just too sad.

8 thoughts on “I’m rambling again.

  1. You have lived in a variety of places. It must have been very interesting. I would love to hear stories.
    I hope you are able to get your dream table. Here in the US, you can go to 50 different stores and they will all have the same thing. It makes it hard even if you know what you want.


  2. Come up and I’ll take you to the place in Hawksville that custom made my kitchen table & chairs – excellent craftsmanship and reasonable prices – and then we can go for a glass of wine to celebrate the purchase!!


  3. We’ve never lived in any other country. I think it would be so neat to live in the UK for a time. At this point, I’d be happy to just go over for a visit!


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