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Furniture is just too hard to buy

Tired Papa hates furniture shopping and I am indecisive.

For the past eight years we've needed a new kitchen table. We haven't bought one because I can't decide what I want and then when I do decide Tired Papa won't come and look at it so we don't get anything. 

This week however I am determined to buy a new kitchen table.

If Tired Papa won't look at it and then doesn't like it after it's delivered then it's his problem, right? 

I figure it'll go really fast because I won't want to be inside shopping when I can be out in the sunshine.

At least I hope so. This holding my plate on my knee to eat dinner is starting to get me down.


10 thoughts on “Furniture is just too hard to buy

  1. Furniture *is* hard to buy! I can imagine how hard it would be to buy a kitchen table….however, we have been blessed with family that gets bored quickly with their own furniture, leaving US with some kick-ass stuff. 😛
    Good luck and have fun shopping!


  2. Between me and my hubby,I’m usually the boss when it comes to choosing home furnishings,lol. I hope your hubby will be pleased with the table that you’re gonna buy. Oh, he should. =)


  3. ooohhhhh we HATE furniture shopping. we’re the same way!
    i wear the pants when it comes to this stuff, but i can’t make a decision to save my life.
    and to live with it for my life…. UGH. too hard to bear!
    so, we have a tattered & torn comfy chair (thanks, yiminy!), horribly uncomf and stained kitchen chairs, & an outdated couch that’s still comfy. but since it matches our living room, we’ll never get rid of it. because 2nd to furniture shopping hatred is REDECORATING!
    lived in this house coming up on 7 years. most of everything is original to other owners. even the hideous flowered bathrooms.
    good luck to you!


  4. I am so indecisive too 🙂 I get so overwhelmed walking around those huge furniture showrooms. Too many choices and we end up getting so confused. Last time we went looking for a sideboard for the kitchen and ended up with a new mattress!! i hope you had good luck 🙂


  5. “If Tired Papa won’t look at it and then doesn’t like it after it’s delivered then it’s his problem, right?”
    Hah! I went out and bought a mattress b/c Chuck didn’t want any part of it and all I hear about is his achy back, the lumpy mattress, etc. etc. I told him beforehand, “If I buy it and you don’t like it then too bad!” Yah, too bad for me. Men. Grumble. Grumble.


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