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Change is good.

My eldest daughter is getting her braces off soon. We've been told they should be coming off in August.

This is making my eldest very happy as they'll be off before she starts high school.

The other thing that makes this teen child happy these days is sleeping in.

But tomorrow my eldest has an orthodontist appointment at eight am. Yep, eight in the morning.

But in a few minutes she won't.

Because as I was thinking about what a rotten mood she's going to be in all day because she has to get up early for this appointment tomorrow, I decided I didn't want to deal with this.

So, in a few minutes I'm going to call and change the appointment to a different time next week so that we can see the orthodontist later in the day.

Sometimes it's just easier not to not set yourself up to be made miserable by your kids when you can avoid it, ya know? 

12 thoughts on “Change is good.

  1. I would have done the same thing!
    What I’m not looking forward to in a few weeks is marching band camp week. She has to be there and ready by 8 am… and they are there until 5 pm with evening activities three nights… for six days in a row. Fun, fun, fun! Yeah, she’s barely up before noon while on “vacation” this summer.


  2. Man, I wish you had been MY mom when I was a teenager. She’s a morning person so she thought I should be, too. She got a huge kick out of waking me up with a song and a smoothie.


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