Been there. Done that.

When I was pregnant I was very sensitive to smells.

This past weekend when I went to get into our van there was a half eaten Wendy's lunch sitting in there that had been sitting in the sun for the full day.

I told hubby to get it out of there as the smell would make me sick.

It was awful.

Tired Papa laughed at me and asked me if I was pregnant.

While rolling my eyes at him I answered with much sarcasm that yeah, I was and that was the only reason I wanted that vile rotting bag of mush out of the van.

Tired Papa picked up the bag of food with two fingers, held his nose and threw it out. We then carried on our way with open windows.

What I didn't know was that my youngest daughter had been listening. My youngest also hadn't caught the sarcasm in my voice.


Um world? No matter what my youngest may have whispered to you? I am NOT pregnant.

Oh, and I don't ever intend to be pregnant again and I'm very content with that. Honest engines. Three kids are what I always wanted and I'm very happy that three beautiful healthy children are what I have.

That is with the exception of days like this when I want to gag one of them.

11 thoughts on “Been there. Done that.

  1. Man, that’s the worst. My daughter left the remains of her chicken dinner in the very back of our van and when I finally figured out what teh smell was, I thought I was going to DIE. But…I *am* pregnant, so.


  2. i’m always glad to know we are not the only family in the world with half-eaten food in the car. well, not right now. at least i don’t think so…..


  3. Hmm, but the last TWO posts have been about smells…;)
    I was super sensitive to smells while prego too. Well, for about the first 5 months, then the sinus problems kicked in…


  4. I love it when kids take EVERY SINGLE THING literally! *sigh*
    One time, my mom told my brother and I that she was pregnant…a year AFTER her hysterectomy. I was 11 years old and was thrown for a total loop. I was old enough to know what a hysterectomy was and what that meant, but she kept saying ‘It’s a miracle!’. She had us going ALL day!


  5. We had a similar experience, except with wine. A bottle exploded in our car because Chuck left it in the sun all day. When I got in the car I asked Chuck, “Have you been drinking? It reeks of booze.” Then he showed me the popped cork. I hope we don’t get pulled over. We smell like boozehounds.


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