I’m going swimming instead.

As I dropped off one kid at a friend's house to play, took another to swimming lessons and dropped the third off at baseball camp this morning I found myself wondering where the lazy days of summer had gone.

I need to get groceries today, do laundry and my fridge needs cleaning out really badly – it's starting to smell.

We were away for the weekend so I have some unpacking to do too.

I have to get some writing done and I have the books to read for my fall courses all ready and waiting for me.


You know what? I think I'll go for a swim first, summer is just too short to spend time doing chores.

Oh, but if you're dropping by and want a drink? Just close the fridge door really quickly. Um, and you might want to hold your nose too.


9 thoughts on “I’m going swimming instead.

  1. You know what, it is good to sometimes play hooky. Your books, kids and even the stinky fridge will still be there when you return from your swim. I hope you had fun.


  2. i swear summer is just plain crazy. i got home from a biz trip yesterday and we are leaving on a road trip saturday — just planned. school starts in five weeks. FIVE!! WAIT!! OK, no i’m freaking out


  3. You must be talking about my house. Really. I agree, go swim! It’s been really cold here so the water temp has really dropped. Sigh. We’ve had a high temp today of about 68 degrees. In July. Swim!


  4. We still have the 12 trillion things to do every day as a mom, but at least during the summer we’re not restricted with meal times and bed times….eat when you’re hungry, sleep when your tired.
    Yeah – OD on the chlorine and then you won’t even be able to smell the fridge.


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