Sun Tanning Mama

We're off to visit our friends at their cottage for the weekend.

The weather report is for sunny skies so I'm hoping we can sit by the beach, play in the water and maybe I'll even get a little colour on my pasty legs while we're there. 

I know I'm no longer supposed to suntan but I still do. I put lotion on to make sure I don't burn but I must admit the season for sunning is so short here I do try and get a little colour while I can. 

My eldest daughter on the other hand does everything she can to avoid getting a tan.

I know her way is healthier but I still remember laying out sun tanning with my friends when I was her age.

My friends and I would slather ourselves with baby oil, and then we would stretch out on huge lengths of tin-foil and bake in the hot sun all day long while we read trashy novels.

Yes, I will probably be diagnosed with skin cancer in a few years. 

But ah, the memories.

And you know what? I really do look better with a tan.

Sad, but true.


11 thoughts on “Sun Tanning Mama

  1. I’m considering getting sprayed town with tanner. I’ve had so many awful sunburns I have to admit the obvious: I can’t get that glow without some artificial aid.


  2. Everybody looks better with a tan. EVERYBODY.
    I try to be “sun safe” because I burn like a mofo but sometimes I just want that glow. I can’t imagine that ‘sunless’ tanners are really that much healthier – dousing yourself in chemicals sounds like a recipe for some OTHER kind of cancer.


  3. Luckily I work with someone with skin the consistency of beef jerky and STILL tans. THAT alone has made me swear off tanning via the sun forever.
    I know a little bit here and there is mostly harmless, but with my red hair and pale skin, I only end up pink!
    Well, have fun this weekend. 🙂


  4. Have fun! I’m going to sit in my backyard and try to get a wee bit of tan too … a little bit through sunblock can’t be that bad, can it?


  5. Hey, I actually did try one of those build-up lotions (Jergens, I think) and it wasn’t half-bad. It was just supposed to stimulate the melanin (sp) in your skin similar to the way it’s stimulated by the sun so how bad can that be? Though, I think you’ll remember I’m seated pretty firmly on your daughter’s side of the fence *laughs*.


  6. I hope you had a great trip! I burn more than tan so I try to avoid the sun (not to mention skin cancer). If you are able to tan at all, more power to you.


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