Good ol’ Summer Time

I love summer.

I love the warm weather, and being able to stay out late in the backyard while the kids swim.

I like sitting in a lawn chair sipping red wine after a BBQ.

I love being able to sleep-in a few more days during the week.

I love the kids not having homework.

I love not having to iron school uniform shirts.

I like seeing my neighbors again. Now that the snow is gone everyone is out and I love how we all stop and talk for a few minutes as everyone walks their dog down my street.

I'm not missing the hockey rinks.

I'm not missing the frozen car doors.

I've considered trying to convince Tired Papa that we should move further south but you watch, in a few short months I'll be posting about how much I love the autumn.

Yeah, I think I like all four seasons.

But for now? I love summer.

11 thoughts on “Good ol’ Summer Time

  1. “I’ve considered trying to convince Tired Papa that we should move further south”
    After everything you went through to get him to Ontario? You’ve been in the sun too long my dear!


  2. Oh Darlin’, I’m assuming that you have weather that is nice enough to sit outside and enjoy. I had 103F on my backporch today. Stay where you are in the Summer!


  3. My goodness – you get to sit and watch the kids swim? That would be heaven – I get to chase mine around and try to catch them to make sure they don’t fall in the pool. I couldn’t wait for summer, and already I can’t wait for winter!


  4. Oooh, freaky. I was just thinking all these same things myself recently. But in case you’re up for a move, we’ve definitely got all four seasons here.


  5. Me too, I’m a summer girl. I love not having to make snacks and lunches every morning…and not having to wash all the little lunch tupperware containers every day!


  6. I’m with you there! I’m always looking forward to the holidays. With the exception of winter. I’m okay with winter until after New Year’s and then i’m ready for spring again! šŸ˜‰


  7. You’ve listed most of the things that I adore about summer as well! The kids being out of school is BIG for me this year for some reason. That freedom is so nice. It’s great to loosen up on the bedtimes, wake-up times, eating times. Just go with whatever you feel like….aahhhhhh – this is how life *should* be. šŸ™‚


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