Today when I went to start my van all I got was a 'click'.

I hate that sound.

The dashboard lit up and the radio came on so I knew I hadn't left the lights on but my van wasn't starting. 

So I got towed to the dealership and a few hours later with a new Visa bill and battery and other stuff replaced I had transportation again.

I hate car repairs. I want to spend my money on more fun things.

But I am very dependent on my van. I like to go places. Often there are places I have to be and I don't like not having my own transportation.

Yes, I am spoiled.

I did do my fifteen minutes of exercise though as the kids and I walked from the repair place to a restaurant for lunch, while we waited for the van to be repaired, and that was a nice fifteen minute walk.

I also got off lightly as it wasn't a major repair so I got my van back quickly.

It's all good. I just hate that clicking sound. I like a good purr.

I guess that makes me a cat person. My cat will be happy to know this.


Strange, but interesting.


If you exercised for fifteen minutes today too, make sure you comment below and I'll enter your name into my draw to win an iPod Shuffle and a $20 iTunes gift card. If you've already commented on another day, comment again and I'll give you another entry. 

Twitter about this give away and I'll give you another entry.

Oh, and if you sign up on the www.fitin15.ca website, I'll enter your name into the draw again.

Just leave me a comment or send me an e-mail letting me know that you've done any of these and I'll keep track of it all. Honest.

I'll make the draw on June 24th, so come on everyone, let's get moving!

8 thoughts on “Click

  1. Yep, I *HATE* spending $$ on my car and I *HATE* being without it for even an hour! (Guess that’s why the check engine light has been on for 3 months!)
    Glad to hear it was a quick fix. 🙂


  2. Bummer! I had a van that had some issue with a relay… I’d try and start and get a ticking noise… Every.Single.Time is was checked out… nothing could be found wrong… very frustrating. Had to leave key engaged until the ticking stopped…that is if I wanted it to start. I like going places to. That, and I have to.
    (Pssst…. I worked out today… 30 minutes even! Tweeted it too. 🙂 )


  3. The click is THE WORST. It’s such an interruption to the day. Glad yours was a quick-ish fix.
    15? Every day, baby. Wii Fit has me pretty well trained to make sure I get 30 mins per day, actually. I don’t like when Wiifie yells at me.


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