Soup is heavy

I used some big cans of soup to do some arm curls tonight.

Yeah, I'm a little weird but it did seem to work at tightening my biceps.

Any-who, my eldest walked into the kitchen and watched me for a minute, then rolled her eyes and left.

My youngest then came in but instead of leaving she sat down to watch me exercise.

She didn't ask me what I was doing or why I was doing arm curls but neither did she seem to think there was anything wrong with me exercising my arms with a big can of beef soup.

She did however ask me if it was any better to do arm curls with beef soup rather than chicken noodle soup.

I had no good answer.

Yeah, we have some very weird discussions my youngest and I.

I did however arm curl for at least five minutes before I went out for a long brisk walk.

Hooray for me - I got in my fifteen minutes of extra exercise today.

And you know what? I'm okay with looking a little bit weird while I'm exercising if it means in the end my tank tops will fit better.

I mean it's June, I have to put away the sweaters that've been hiding my jiggly arms, right?



If you exercised for fifteen minutes today too, make sure you comment below and I'll enter your name into my draw to win an iPod Shuffle and a $20 iTunes gift card. If you've already commented on another day, comment again and I'll give you another entry. 

Twitter about this give away and I'll give you another entry.

Oh, and if you sign up on the www.fitin15.ca website, I'll enter your name into the draw again.

Just leave me a comment or send me an e-mail letting me know that you've done any of these and I'll keep track of it all. Honest.

I'll make the draw on June 24th, so come on everyone, let's get moving!

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