They’re exercising my patience

Today my patience is being exercised.


My kids are done school for the summer and they are all at home – bickering.

Can someone please tell me how I'm going to get through the next ten weeks of this?

It. is. driving. me. crazy.



For my fifteen minutes of fitness today I moved mulch.

Lovely rich black mulch from the pile at the front of the house to the gardens at the back.

It looks great and I am uh, tired.

Maybe if I'm lucky I can fall asleep and then I'll miss all the kid's bickering.



So, what did you do today?

If you exercised for fifteen minutes today, make sure you comment below and I'll enter your name into my draw to win an iPod Shuffle and a $20 iTunes gift card. 

Twitter about this give away and I'll give you another entry.

Oh, and if you sign up on the www.fitin15.ca website, I'll enter your name into the draw again.

Just leave me a comment or send me an e-mail letting me know that you've done any of these and I'll keep track of it all. Honest.

I'll make the draw in one week, on June 24th, so come on everyone, let's get moving!

5 thoughts on “They’re exercising my patience

  1. Hmm. I walked up and down the stairs 30 times and walked 2 lapses around our subdivision. That counts right? 🙂
    I don’t have Twitter, but can I just link this onto my blog? 🙂


  2. re the kids bickering – 3 words – residential summer camp… they’ll get more than their 15 minutes of fitness and you’ll have some peace too! You can at least use this as a threat to make them behave. lol


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