I’m gonna run the bases.

I am going to exercise for 15 minutes today. I am.

I am just not sure when I am going to do it.

According to my friends over at www.Fitfor15.ca what I need to do is realize that:

'Starting a new habit can be challenging especially when there are so many demands on your time. A good way to start is to pick a specific time each day to Fit-in 15 minutes of focused activity. Think of it like your morning shower or brushing your teeth ā€“ something you just do every day.'

Okay. I wish I'd read this sooner. It is already five in the evening and I have just gotten back from my daughter's graduation ceremony and I now have ten fourteen year olds yelling at each other in my basement (it's raining) while watching a movie. I took my mother out for lunch today because it's her birthday and in an hour I have to take my eleven year old son to his baseball game.

Baseball? Now there's an idea.

I think what I will do is spend my fifteen minutes running around the bases while my son's team is warming up. This is sure to embarrass him.

That works for me. 

What are you going to do today?

If you exercise for fifteen minutes today, make sure you comment below and I'll enter your name into my draw to win an iPod Shuffle and a $20 iTunes gift card. 

Twitter about this give away and I'll give you another entry.

Oh, and if you sign up on the www.fitin15.ca website, I'll enter your name into the draw again.

Just leave me a comment or send me an e-mail letting me know that you've done any of these and I'll keep track of it all. Honest.

I'll make the draw in one week, on June 24th, so come on everyone, let's get moving!

10 thoughts on “I’m gonna run the bases.

  1. So, did you?
    I encouraged my soccer-mom friend to exercise by doing walking lunges up the bleachers. She didn’t think that was a good idea. I guess she still gets embarrassed or something.


  2. Hi Leanne,
    I’ve been doing fit in 15! Last night I did some stretches and stuff, tonight I went for a walk.It was so nice after dinner that it was a great way to get some exercise.
    I’ve blogged about it..http://tinyurl.com/m9chzs
    AND signed up at the fit 15 site. šŸ™‚
    Whew! I’m blogging about what I do every day until the 24th. Fun!


  3. Hey Leanne. Not only did I exercise yesterday, I taught my first group exercise class! I had about 18 people in the class and it went fairly well. I am going to have to check out this fit 15 site. Never heard of it before.


  4. Hey…good for you!
    I have done 15 minutes on my Treadclimber the last 2 days after work. In fact, my goal is to start increasing the time by 30 seconds – 1 minute each day.
    Keep up the good work, I know how hard it is with a full plate, but 15 minutes seems doable.


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