Wanted: Motivation. Oh, and something for you!

I have decided to make a change in my life.

Not a big one, just a little one.

I have decided to uh, exercise more.

Okay, this is not earth shattering stuff but I do need to start doing more to not only feel healthier but to lose a little weight. So, I'm starting today.

Who's with me?

Here's the deal. Research shows that 90% of Canadians want to be more physically active, but cite lack of time as a main deterrent. To address this, the CCA is launching a new website today called Fit-in 15.

The site encourages Canadians to commit to doing 15 minutes of physical activity each day. The emphasis of the campaign is not on dramatic transformation, but on encouraging people to start small and begin forming the habit of being active every day. 

So, starting today I am going to go to www.fitin15.ca everyday to grab some motivation so I can try and fit a little more exercise into my life.

Yes, I am.

Wanna join me?

Just to make it a little more interesting, if you get a chance to exercise today for just a measly 15 minutes or even more, leave a comment below and I'll enter you into my draw to win an iPod Shuffle and a $20 iTunes gift card. 

Twitter about this give away and I'll give you another entry.

Oh, and if you sign up on the www.fitin15.ca website, I'll enter your name into the draw again.

Just leave me a comment or send me an e-mail letting me know that you've done any of these and I'll keep track of it all. Honest.

I'll make the draw in one week, on June 24th, so come on everyone, help me get moving!

37 thoughts on “Wanted: Motivation. Oh, and something for you!

  1. haha – margie and i were just on the phone talking about turning over a new leaf – count me in – 15 a day it is!
    I’ll twitter it for you too (oh that sounds just awful doesn’t it!)


  2. You are timely–my old hand-me-down mp3 player (from my younger sister, no less) has just died.
    Today is yoga day; I look forward to my straining trapezius. Stupid Downward Dog.


  3. No twitting here, but I got my weights workout in today and will join in with daily….something! Promise. Maybe we can even get out and walk together?


  4. For my 15min , I do my 15 min windsor pilates and I love it , its quick and easy and i doesnt take too much of my day to do it. Its soo fast ive convinced my husband to do it. And i would love a i pod to go with it!!!!!


  5. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I need to lose a few pounds and have been eating better, but just haven’t been motivated to exercise. Maybe this is just what I need.


  6. This is great – I had already mentally prepared myself to get on my treadclimber after work tonight! (The first time in months….hey, at least I’m exercising when I *dust* it right?!)
    I’m gonna check out the website – but since it may only be open to Canadian residents, I will probably just have to watch from US soil. 🙂 Good luck to all!


  7. What if I want to never exercise again? Have I done enough in the last few months training to still get entered in your give away? After my race this weekend, I am seriously taking some time off!! At least a week 🙂
    You go girl, it will make you feel so much better!


  8. I was recently told that I have to take at least 15 minutes out of my day or more if I can to exercise as my cholesterol is extremely high and I have had a recent weight gain this past year that I don’t like. So I’m trying to get motivated as well to lose weight and take time out of my day for more exercise.


  9. I exercise whenever I can. At first it was tough, but now, I start to feel gross if I don’t work out for a few days.
    I haven’t done my exercise yet today (I’m a night workout kind of girl) but I sure will! It’s doing awesome things to my body.


  10. my first time to visit …i will walk my dog Sam in a few minutes and I also signed up to get the fitfor15 emails…thanks for the great link…i will be back


  11. This was actually yesterday (since I only get on the computer first thing in the morning). I took the kids to the park, which is a 15 minute walk down the hill – and a much longer back up the hill to get home 😉
    I don’t have an opportunity to exercise by myself, so I often walk either with the kids – or pushing the kids. Two 40lb kids in a double stroller makes for quite a workout!


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