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I should have asked first.

I've given myself a problem today and it's a stupid one. 

I agreed to lend a hat, belonging to my youngest daughter, to another child without checking with my child first.

Now that my youngest has found out she, of course, doesn't want to lend it.


I'm in a bit of a dilemma as the hat is part of a costume that this other child will need tomorrow for a school play. If I tell this other Mom now that she can't borrow it I haven't left her enough time to find anything else.

Part of me wants to tell my kid to deal with it and not be so silly. If we don't lend this other child the hat it will just sit down my basement in the dress up box. I mean come on; this isn't that big a deal.

The other part of me realizes my youngest just used this particular hat as an important part of a musical festival she just finished up last weekend. I know this festival was important to her and I guess I underestimated how important the hat was to her.

I've left it with my youngest to mull the whole thing over today at school. I'm hoping that tonight she'll agree to have me lend it to the other kid for the whole ten minutes the other child will need it and then I'll get it right back. I'll have to promise her that I'll guard the silly thing with my uh, life.

I'm still trying to work the whole 'you're bigger than this' and 'this is not the way you want to act' deal too.

In the end, if she still refuses, I might have to do the 'we have to lend it, Mom promised. It was a mistake and I should have asked first. I'm sorry' card. This, of course, will probably be quickly followed up by a trip to Dairy Queen.

Yeah, that'll work. All the women in this house can be soothed by ice cream especially if there's brownies and whip cream attached.

What can I tell you? We're cheap to buy off – and chubby too.

9 thoughts on “I should have asked first.

  1. You have such a good way with your kids. Seriously, I would have already done the “suck it up, it’s the nice thing to do” approach. I hope it works out one way or the other. And if it doesn’t work out as expected, at least there’s Dairy Queen.


  2. As a parent I always seem to see my wife forget she is the parent. Just say it’s not open for debate, your mommy. Mommy makes the rules. Dairy Queen makes the rules seem not so bad, and that helps.


  3. Oh boy! What seems small when we are the mom, can be big at 9. Thank goodness for bribes. I’m sure I’ve done the treat thing at least a million times. Guilt can sometimes work too 🙂


  4. wait until you do something really serious, like accidentally open up a bank statement that shows their balance as 15.87 which is exactly what you thought it was anyway, because it is a joint account, but you opened MY MAIL. kill me now.


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