Brotherly Guilt

'Tori Stafford's big brother haunted by guilt'

That is the headline today in my local paper. For those of you who don't know the story, Tori Stafford is an eight year old girl who was led off by a neighborhood woman after school. This woman and her male 'friend' have now been charged with Tori's murder.

Tori was eight and her brother is eleven. They are almost exactly the same age as my son and daughter.  Tori's big brother used to walk Tori home from school every day but on this horrible day he had walked another special needs child home from school first and when he went back to get his little sister she was gone.

Daryn Stafford has to live with this for the rest of his life.


I can't even imagine.

My son walked in while I was reading the news and brought the headline to my attention so he and I talked about it.

Even my little guy gets that Tori's disappearance wasn't her big brother's fault but even he knew that the poor brother would feel it was.

My son and I talked about how he might have saved his little sister from dangerous situations in the past but how we would never know about it because she was here safe.

We talked and talked and then we sat down together and reviewed for his French exam.

And I thanked God that we could move on that easily.

And tonight, once again, I'll be praying for the Stafford family.

9 thoughts on “Brotherly Guilt

  1. I was just talking about that article with my husband. I find it so painful to read about it–I can’t imagine how the family must feel, day in and day out. That poor boy. I hope he is given help to deal with all that he’s going through. Losing his sister, dealing with people (the police included) accusing his mother of doing it, and now living with the knowledge that his sister really is gone. It’s all just too much…


  2. Okay, that story freaked me out. My eight year old’s name is Tori and she thinks that everyone exists for her to visit with. She totally would walk off with a neighbor. Ahhhh…that would suck. We have talked with her and talked with her and it doesn’t seem to change anything. I totally feel for that family!


  3. Oh how awful for that whole family. I hope that young boy is able to get help. He will need help to recognize that what happened wasn’t his fault.


  4. I am so sad from that story. I am off the go hug my kids. I will them remind them of a few safety rules we have. I too will be praying for that family, expecially that little boy.


  5. How horrid. I completely understand that brother’s guilt, unfounded though it is. I cannot imagine the life he’ll life with that weighing on him. The poor kid.


  6. No matter if its not his fault he will always carry this with him throughout his life and no one can change his mind. I feel for the boy. Who knows how this will affect his grownig up into a man filled with hate. Dropped Ecard on you and also want to invite you to please stop by and vote for me at its for a worthy cause you can vote each day fight against animal cruelty. @lilruth


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