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Ack, they’re gonna make me exercise!

I got in trouble when I was exercising at the YMCA today.

There were three of us on the treadmills and we got to talking and um, laughing and I guess we were a little too uh, animated.

So, as we were leaving the people at the fitness desk stopped us and asked us for our work-out tags. These fitness Nazis then proceeded to book the three of us in for appointments so that we could have our fitness programs re-worked.

I guess we were having such a good time the fitness trainers decided we weren't working hard enough.


I was having such fun too.

Now they're gonna force me to use my fitness membership to get in shape.

It's just not fair.


10 thoughts on “Ack, they’re gonna make me exercise!

  1. And right there explains why I refuse to exercise. I wouldn’t mind the social aspect, I just don’t want someone trying to make me work.


  2. I always thought you were supposed to be able to carry a conversation while you exercised – that way you know you’re going the right pace and not over-doing it …. rats!


  3. my sister in law and i had a gift store together for many years in a small mall on the ground floor of a large office tower. the landlord, bell canada actually, sent a rep to see us….there had been complaints…. rose and i were laughing too much. true story.


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