Older than dirt

I made a startling discovery this morning.

I discovered I'm not young any more.

You see we had a whirl-wind weekend. It was fun, entertaining and uh, tiring.

I ran from event to event, was amazed and inspired by the talent of many young people, but I didn't get a lot of down time. I actually haven't had a lot of down time in a while. We've been busy.

But last night I went to bed on time and got a good eight hours of sleep and woke up this morning um, tired.

Not just tired though, I am really tired today.

So, I have come to the conclusion that it takes more than one good night of sleep for me to recover from a month or so of sleep deprivation.

Funny that.

When I was in my twenties I could run from place to place, party, work, go out with friends and then after grabbing a few hours sleep I would bounce back and go out to do it all again.

Not. Any. More.

I think I now need a month of sleep to recover from my month of activities and exams.

Do you think this means I'm old?

Don't answer that.


11 thoughts on “Older than dirt

  1. Yeah, I hear you on that. I played soccer the other day with my son and was shocked how winded I was getting. My energy level was not even a third of his…all I kept thinking is I am so glad I didn’t wait much longer to have kids…you so need your energy!
    Love your blog by the way…would love to exchange links.


  2. It does NOT mean that you’re getting old, because that would mean that I’m getting old, and we all know THAT isn’t happening. It simply means that we’ve spent too many adventure-to-adventure days lately and need time at the spa.


  3. I was remembering the other day how we used to party on Thursday nights, the beginning of the weekend, stay up late, drink too much and still go to work Friday and actually be able to work. Then we would go out again on Friday night!
    Now, I go to bed early … ah well, it’s probably safer that way.


  4. yes I can’t accept that I am getting old! I am still going strong. lol But it’s already. I prefer getting old to the alternative. I still think I push it a bit too hard though. Between 4 kids, school and staying up way too late…yeah I am gonna pay for it one day I think. haha


  5. You are not old, just busier than you used to be. I don’t know about you, but before I had kids, I spent a lot of time hanging around at home. That doesn’t happen anymore. When I am home, I am cooking, cleaning, etc.


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