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Make up, smake up

It's dance recital time.

We changed dance places this year so that my nine year old daughter doesn't have to dress like she's a twenty year old hooker for her dance show. That has worked out great. My youngest daughter's dance costumes this year are really cute and are totally appropriate for her age.

Tonight when I was getting her ready for her dress rehearsal I had to put make-up on her though and I must admit I didn't use much. 

She's nine, she's adorable and I didn't think she needed a lot of make-up. I put on just a tiny bit so she didn't have a shiny forehead on stage and that was it.

I'm just hoping now that one of the ladies back stage doesn't go and plaster more stuff on her.

I'm planning on going a bit early to pick her up so that I can check out what's going on.

I'm also taking make-up remover.

You know, just in case some 'dance mother' went crazy and I've got to remove two or three layers of face paint before I can figure out which little girl is mine.

I mean it'd be really bad to come home with the wrong kid, don't cha think?


11 thoughts on “Make up, smake up

  1. OK – I admit it, I’m a Dance Mom. While I agree little ones don’t need 3 inches of foundation or streaks of bright blue eyeshadow (s per Toddlers & Tiaras on TLC), they do need more than a little powder on their forehead. This is so they don’t look washed out in the stage lights. Just some eyeliner and a bit of neutral coloured eyeshadow (browns or pale pinks), a touch of blush and a light pink or red lipgloss should suffice.
    We are in recital mode this week too – I’m glad I don’t have to be in the dressing room anymore!!


  2. My daughter has her ballet recital coming and we have gotten 5 different notes saying that makeup is not required. Apparently some of the moms want to use it even though they don’t use the stage lights for the little ones.


  3. The ridiculous costumes and the make-up and the hooker like dance moves are the reasons I won’t have my daughters in dance!!
    Hope you bring home the right girl!


  4. We have two more weeks of classes then are in recital mode. My youngest (she turns 6 in three weeks) is dancing The Sugar Plum Fairy for her ballet class. I agree, little ones don’t need much, but they do need something so they look like little people and not mannequins. We are really lucky and have people back stage that don’t do them up more than is needed. Even the older kids don’t go overboard. yay!
    Good luck! I hope all goes well! (Do they still wish people on stage to “break a leg?”)


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