Gone Shopping

Tomorrow we're going shopping for my daughter's eighth grade graduation dress.

We're having problems finding a dress. All the dresses we've found at our local malls are either made for four-year olds or twenty-four year olds, there's really very little out there that's appropriate for a fourteen year old.

My problems are exasperated by the fact that my eldest daughter really doesn't like to shop all that much. She has about an hour long attention span at a mall and then she's ready to leave. I've always considered that a good thing - until now.

Our plan is to head out early and drive over the border to see what we can find in the American stores. We'll spend the day at the local malls in New York and hopefully get the dress, shoes and accessories all in one go.

Yeah, right.

Well, there's nothing wrong with being optimistic, right? Right?

I'm tired already and I'm still only thinking about it.


4 thoughts on “Gone Shopping

  1. I know! That is the worst age for buying clothes for girls. Just like you said–either baby clothes or hoochie mama clothes, very, very little in between. Why is that?


  2. Maybe you could find a store online that you are going to go to and see ahead of time if there is any style you like. Then when you get there you’ll know what you are looking for and spend LESS time shopping. It’s a thought. 🙂


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