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Got fluff?

I love to read. I really do.

I also read a lot.

I haven't been able to read what I want lately as I've been too busy reading the books for the University courses I just finished.

In the last four months, I've read Middlemarch, The Mill on the Floss, Adam Bede, Cranford, Mary Barton, Shirley, and just about everything written by the Bronte sisters.

If you asked my family they would probably tell you that I've done nothing BUT read over the past few months. And um, if you were to take a quick look at Mt. Laundry you might just believe their claim.

But for the next few weeks, before I get my reading lists for my fall courses, I can read what I want. And that my friends is totally different.

Today I can go to the bookstore and pick out any piece of fluffy silly literature that I desire. I can read romances or mysteries or magazines or just poorly written, badly edited trashy books. I can pick ANYTHING.

You know what? I am very happy about this – pathetically so.

Any suggestions?

12 thoughts on “Got fluff?

  1. – Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen
    – Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs By Writers Famous & Obscure
    – The End Of The Alphabet by C.S. Richardson
    – Boy In The Striped Pajamas by John Boyne
    – Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult
    – The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski
    – Always Looking Up by Michael J. Fox (audio was interesting as he was the reader)
    – Any Known Blood by Lawrence Hill (parts take place in Oakville – a decent, interesting read but not quite as good as “Book Of Negroes”)
    – Water: A Novel by Bapsi Sidhwa
    – Sundays at Tiffany’s by James Patterson (talk about FLUFF …definitely a Fluff-read)
    – Remembering the Bones by Frances Itani
    – The Girls: A Novel by Lori Lansens


  2. I love fluff! Start with Bitter is the new Black by Jen Lancaster and work from there through her entire oeuvre. You can also try the Dead and series by Charlaine Harris. Enjoy!


  3. I’m sorry, I had to chime in on my favorite topic ever.
    Historical Fiction and my tied-for-favorite novel:
    The Lions of Al-Rassan – Guy Gavriel Kay
    Alternative Future Suspense:
    Prayers for the Assassin – Robert Ferrigno
    Regular ol’ suspense-romance:
    Lifelines – CJ Lyons (which I liked better than her second novel, Warning Signs, but both are good)
    Plain Suspense:
    Exit Strategy – Kelley Armstrong
    Urban Fantasy:
    Santa Olivia – Jacqueline Carey (which, actually, I haven’t read yet as it’s coming out next week but I kind of adore everything else by Carey and it’s getting good reviews)


  4. I will bring you a bunch tomorrow – Water For Elephants / The Virgin Blue / Late Nights on Air / The Glass Castle (oops that’s yours, I’ll just return it!)/ Wicked / Confessions of An Ugly StepSister / The Ten Year Nap…


  5. Sandra, I like the sounds of a ten year nap! Sounds like you’ve got a good list going here. Margie just read Revolutionary Road and recommended it to me. For quick wine country mystery reads, I’ve been reading Ellen Crosby – I think the first one is the Merlot Murders or the Chardonnay Charade … they’re fun and fast.


  6. Do you like chick-lit fluff, horror fluff or detective/mystery fluff?
    Two books I have read and loved were:
    The Jane Austen Bookclub by Elisabeth Noble, and The lovely Bones by Alice Sebald. The second choice isn’t exactly ‘fluff’ but it’s utterly great and unputdownable.
    Also for a good cry and to feel better about life, try Rowing without Oars, by Ulla Carin Lindvquist. (the title is correct but, the surname *could* be incorrect)
    Why not write an entry about the books you discovered – between lists of course!


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