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Don’t examine me, mkay?

I just got back from writing an exam.

I have decided I am too old to write exams.

I have another exam to write next week.

While I want to finish this degree I don't want to write any more exams.

I have one exam and two courses to go and then I'll have this degree.

Yes, I'm counting.

My mind is so full of exam facts tonight I can't think of anything to blog that's witty or even remotely interesting. I am seriously burnt out.


Send wine and chocolate. Please.

8 thoughts on “Don’t examine me, mkay?

  1. how exciting, for now you can do nothing except yell at everyone that you are stressed out because you have exams and after they are all over you can say “what do you want from me, i just wrote a million exams”. milk it for weeks. if you were a real student and not a tired mama you would.


  2. wine & chocolate? Back in our MacMaster days celebrating would have been with beer, B-52 shooters and dancing at the Downstairs John, maybe a little party in the Quad after the bar closed.
    I guess you really are a “mature” student now…lol


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