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Neat Freak I am.

Dear Son,

Yes, I am a neat freak.

If that means that I want your crap picked up off the floor and your laundry put away then yes, I am a neat freak.

If being a neat freak means I want you to clean out the guinea pig's cage weekly so that I can't smell it the minute I walk in the freakin front door then yes, I am a neat freak.

I am also a neat freak if it means I don't want your sports equipment spread out all over the kitchen table. I mean come on, it's a JOCK. 

Neat freak.

At first I was sorta upset when you called me that.

Now? I like it.

Now, go put your stuff away. Quickly. Before I decide I don't like it again and get mad.

Tired Mama

11 thoughts on “Neat Freak I am.

  1. At least you get the ‘neat’ part. Mine just call me ‘freak’.
    Actually, they call me Mama. But there’s no telling what they call me behind my back after I’ve fussed at them about their messes.
    Motherhood – it’s not for the spineless.


  2. Own it! (I could have written this post to my husband, except for the jock part. Oh and the guinea pig too–though that would explain the smell coming from his man room.)


  3. Well my goodness you require so much of him!! I can’t believe he didn’t call you worse! 🙂 I mean come on a JOCK on the kitchen table is totally not gross!


  4. Wow, I never thought of myself as a neat freak. Who knew. My kids probably think I am a neat freak too. I am always telling them to put their laundry away.


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