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Yes, I have a teenage daughter.

So tell me, what's better?

Sending your teenage daughter out to school in the morning with a chocolate frosted Pop-Tart and glass of milk in her, or letting her start her day without eating anything at all?

Yeah, I get that a bowl of cereal, fruit, toast, juice or just about ANYTHING would be better but you wanna know the one thing I have learned about parenting?

You can't make kids eat, sleep or go to the toilet if they don't want to.


15 thoughts on “Yes, I have a teenage daughter.

  1. My daughter is nine and she will hunger strike before eating something she doesn’t like (at that moment in time). Why wont kids just eat what we tell them for goodness sake!


  2. My mother tried for years to get me to eat a good “healthy” breakfast before I rushed off to school, but in the end she relented with a pop-tart and milk, too.
    I grew up to be a full grown woman and very healthy with two children that I fuss with about eating.
    Hmmmm, seems that we do listen after all…it just takes some time.


  3. There is nothing wrong with that breakfast. My kids have frosted cinamon poptarts every morning. Sometimes they have cereal too, but it’s always crappy cereal. At least it’s something. And about Elle, I just read on Facebook that she’s in Florida and she should of arrived at her mother-in-laws at 7pm tonight. πŸ™‚


  4. It can be very challenging to make kids do things we want to them to do right? I grew up drinking milk and breads almost everyday for breakfast. Luckily she did not have to force us to do it. Now that I am grown up already, I can only be grateful to her for making us drink milk even till today.
    If only there are ways to let kids understand how important it is to them to take breakfast. For my nephews and niece, we sometimes have to think of ways to make them to drink water and to eat their meals. Children just didn’t like drinking water so we have to coax them to drink water by playing with them a little. They are 5 and 3 years old. So it may be easier. I just hope that when they grow older, it will be easier.


  5. At least she is not going in on an empty stomach. I am just now learning that you can’t make children (even toddlers) do things they don’t want to do. I HATE potty training πŸ™‚


  6. This is where the whole concept of “pick your battles” really comes into play. In the whole grand scheme of things, a chocolate pop-tart is a minor issue.


  7. I was that kind of teenager too. My Mom compromised with waking me up with a smoothie and standing over my bed while I drank at least half of it.
    It wasn’t really a ‘compromise’, now that I think about it.


  8. I have given up. I figure she won’t die so I’m good. I bought breakfast bars in an effort to get her to eat on the way to catch the bus, but she eats them when she gets home and has none for breakfast. I just give up.


  9. If we have Pop Tarts in the house, that’s what most of the kids want for breakfast. Of course, they’ll eat them every day until they’re gone and then they’re stuck with something better πŸ˜‰
    When I was a teenager in high school, my mom probably would’ve croaked if she saw what I had for lunch every day. (Usually either a pretzel with cheese or Reese’s PB cups.) Well, I’m still here πŸ˜‰


  10. one of my kids, the 28 year old, ate grilled cheese sandwiches exclusively for eleven years. he was constipated but there was no other lingering damage.


  11. Wow – not looking forward to the teenage years. My daughter is nearly 7 {in October} and man she is already dramatic! I would choose the pop tart with milk versus nothing.


  12. I was so happy to read this. We’ve done the poptart and milk thing too. I figure that the vitamins and calcium in the milk cancel out the sugar in the poptarts. I feel like it’s a bonus when my son is hungry enough to eat a healthy breakfast, but on many mornings quick is better than nothing.


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