My two girls are over five years apart in age. Right now at eight and fourteen the age spread seems larger than it ever has.

Sometimes at night, when my youngest daughter is supposed to be in bed, she will write notes to her big sister and slide them under her door. If her big sister isn't too busy she will often reply and shove the note back out under the door.

I could hear this happening last night and I let it go on for a while. Finally, after about ten minutes, the sound of feet running up and down the hall suddenly stopped and I heard my youngest climb into bed.

When I went up later to tell my older daughter it was time for her to go to bed she showed me the last note.

My eldest daughter had written,

R- Please stop annoying me.

My youngest had replied,

J – Never. XOXO.

We're keeping this one. 

15 thoughts on “Notes

  1. That is priceless 😉 You have got to love sisterly love. I am 5 years apart from my youngest sister and now we are the best of friends. It will happen…..unfortunately you have to wait for them to not be living under the same roof 🙂


  2. My girls fight constantly, but they adore each other. My older daughter says my little one is evil, but when she gets hurt, the older one wants to help comfort her. As an only child, I have trouble understanding the sibling relationship.


  3. oooh that is so cute. I’d save that one too. I have four daughters. The ages are 12, 9, 7 and then 18 months! So there is huge gap at the end and I always wondered how my older ones would relate to the baby. That is just too precious though. haha


  4. Our girlies are three and a half years apart, but they do the note routine, too. Your notes sounds similar to the sorts that I occasionally turn up around here. I do so love mothering girls.


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