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Date Night

I have a date with my husband tonight. Yep, a date.

It's been a long time since we've been out together. We're planning on heading out to dinner and catching a movie.

I don't want to do anything fancy, I just want to hang out with Tired Papa without the kids along. We might even get to talk to one another without distractions too. Wow.

The toughest part will be picking the movie. I like the standard 'chick flicks' while Tired Papa likes the 'car racing, shoot 'em up stuff'.

Dinner should be easy, we both like the local chicken place and the kids don't really like it so we'll go there and enjoy time together with wine, instead of whine.

I'm excited. I could get used to this dating stuff again. I wonder if he'll bring flowers? No?

Okay, do you think he'll open the car door for me then? No?

Hmmm. Okay, well at least he'll probably pay for dinner and the movie and if I'm lucky he might even buy me some popcorn.

Yep, life here is exciting and simple.

And uh, good.

Enjoy your Saturday.

10 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Nice! Hope you have a fun date night! 🙂
    Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you can join in the fun on HIp Mama’s Place for the MD Giveaway Event. It ends tonight at 12mn, 5/09 so I hope to see you there! 🙂


  2. Yea! I had a date night last night with my hubby for a movie and dinner. Although they don’t come very often, it is nice getting out just the two of us. Enjoy your night out.


  3. There’s a good message here: don’t forget the importance of dating after children are in the picture. Dates do so much to help reestablish the relationship bond and to get to know your partner better.


  4. We have the same problem. We’ll get excited to go see a movie together and then when we get to the theater we contemplate going to see different things. So we started alternating chick flicks and car/shootouts/vampire movies. Truthfully, it’s like 2-3,000,000 in Chuck’s favor. I am such a pushover!


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