Clean to the extreme

What I should be doing right now is writing my essay that's due next week.

I'm not. I'm here instead blogging and reading blogs.

What I did to avoid writing the essay this morning was went over to the gym to do a quick work-out. Don't be too proud of me, it's the first time I've been to the YMCA in almost three weeks.

When I work out at the YMCA on a Thursday morning I am the youngest person in the place. Yep, it's just me and the geriatric crowd.

At the YMCA it is standard etiquette to use a spray bottle of disinfectant to quickly wipe off any piece of the weight machines you might have touched while you used them. This usually takes me about ten seconds.

As the grey haired ladies at the 'Y' this morning moved from one weight machine to another however they scrubbed the heck out of each and every part of the machine before they moved on. I swear these ladies were removing the oil from ball bearings on the machines.

I waited and waited and WAITED while they cleaned and disinfected each and every machine they used. My work out today was not quick.

As I was standing there I considered inviting these little old ladies to my place, goodness knows we could use some serious cleaning over here.

Then I decided we should just give them all big bottles of Fantastic and a J-Cloth and let them loose on disinfecting the entire city.

I tell you, swine flu wouldn't stand a chance against this group.


8 thoughts on “Clean to the extreme

  1. Not being as giving as you, I would just totally want them at my house. They could spend all day, every day cleaning. If they are slow enough, they could start over when they finished. Forget the swine flu, I would love to have a crowd of little old ladies clean my house.


  2. OMG – this was hilarious! I could totally picture it happening too. Funny, I just blogged about how I am not able to clean for 2 days and here it sounds like I may have found my solution. Maybe I’ll head over to my gym and start recruiting! Great tip! Thanks!


  3. Oooh, I just need one or two of those ladies down here. Can you expedite the shipping? And be sure to poke holes in the box for air. Cause that could get ugly otherwise.


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