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I was a better Mom before I had kids.

I used to look at Moms doing certain things or saying certain things with their kids and think to myself, I'll never do that.

Yeah, right.

Today another one of those things I said I would never do with my kids got done.

I always thought I would never have my kids so over-scheduled that they would have to eat in the car as they went from one activity to another. Today my son had a swimming lesson from 5 to 6 and a baseball game that started at 6:30. Yep, he ate his dinner in the car as I drove him from the pool to the field.

I want him to play baseball this summer. So far he's having a great time too. I also want my son to learn to swim though. Why everything had to happen at the same time today was just a schedule glitch. Next week his baseball game is on a different night. So I'm hoping this eating in the car is only a one time thing.

The good thing about it was my son did tell me that Subway sandwiches taste better in the car than they do at the plastic tables in the restaurant.

Who knew?

24 thoughts on “I was a better Mom before I had kids.

  1. ah, don’t feel too bad. my youngest spent the better part of a year in his car seat. the three others were that much older that they had a million activities and he as always just along for the ride. when i think back, it was terrible and it’s a wonder he can stand up straight.


  2. So very true…I was also a better mom before I had kids! For a while I’ve been working on a post where I list all the stuff I said I’d “never” do as a mom, that I now do a regular basis.
    It never gets finished, though, because I have to keep adding to it :).


  3. Well, if that’s the worst thing you do, then I don’t think you have anything to worry about. πŸ™‚
    Things definitely change when you actually have kids … she says as Dora plays in the background so she can drink coffee and read blogs in peace. πŸ˜‰


  4. I know I was a much better mom before I had kids. I figure you do what you have to, to get through the day (or week, or baseball game). I have found as the kids get older, scheduling everything is like scheduling a moon launch.


  5. If that’s all, then you are doing GREAT!!! We have to do that occasionally. There are definitely much worse things. Scheduling is definitely difficult with more than one child, my DH has found out how much I really do when I was laid up from surgery last week and haven’t been able to drive.


  6. I eat breakfast in the car. Almost every morning. Sometimes, you have to multi-task to reduce stress. That’s all I see it as, it’s multi-tasking. Ideally, I would sit at a breakfast nook, bathed in beautiful morning light, sipping a coffee and eating a scone and jam while reading the New York Times. But hey, toast in the car is something, right! I think you’re doing great!


  7. This is hilarious! When my son was little I worked an hour from home and his daycare/school was by my work. If he was going to eat before 8pm he had to eat in the car. It was tough but now that he is older he hates to eat in the car and that makes me happy now that he is driving.


  8. I have to admit that I actually prefer to eat in the car when traveling, rather than going in and seating in someone’s leftovers. I would rather have it on my lap I guess. This is one thing that I wouldn’t worry about. We mother’s make ourselves feel guilty for so much. Don’t add any extra on there. Car dinners, compared to a lot of things, really aren’t that bad! Hope today goes easier on ya then last night! πŸ™‚


  9. Ah, yes. My mister and I were amongst the perfect parents once. Then we actually had kids. We’ve been checking off the items on our list of “Things Our Kids Will Never Do” one at a time.


  10. I’m not on that part yet but I think I’m getting there..It’s hard to keep up with things now that my kid’s growing up so fast! SOmeitmes, I wonder where the heck time go.


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