Um yeah, I’m tired.

You know what first crossed my mind when I started reading about the swine flu reaching my area and making people mildly ill?

I thought,

'Lucky devils, they get to go to bed for a few days.'


I gotta get to bed on time tonight. 

4 thoughts on “Um yeah, I’m tired.

  1. Don’t worry, it is normal to think that. Or, you aren’t the only one to react that way.
    My Mom talked to my son who was home sick yesterday, she is a tad nutty about germs. My child now takes his temp every 15 minutes (yes, this has continued through the night) because he is convinced he has contracted this terrible illness. Talk about tired…I’m ready to start calling about flights into Mexico City.


  2. I have the same thoughts sometimes. Although, I had a stomach bug last week so I am bedded out at the moment. Maybe I could send my stomach bug up to you. It requires bed rest, but only for a couple of days. I would be happy to share :).


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